Contest Results

We’d like to thank AnChain.AI & DEF CON, and the entire #crypto #blockchain community for being a part #Bitcoin Bounty Hunters!

After a week of close competition and great sleuthing, we have our winners!

1st placeMax David
2nd place: iphelix
3rd place (tie)hacking.believe & guillaez

On behalf of the entire AnChain.AI & Blockchain Village team, we extend our thanks to all who participated.

See you at DEF CON 29

Blockchain Village 2020

Celebrating Distributed Future

Blockchain Technology has changed not only the way we transact values but also the way we look at security. Out of many distinguished features Distributed Ledger is one of the most powerful concepts brought forward by Blockchains, which has moved the trust from a conventional trusted third party and put it in a trust-less distributed system.

This year at Blockchain Village we bring back Capture-The-Coin contest running in parallel with more hands on workshops (Mathematical and Practical) along with cutting edge Talks-n-Tools, noteworthy Demos-n-Discussions, all focused on security of Blockchains and Distributed Applications.

Join us at DEF CON 28 as we celebrate the power + potential of Distributed applications, enabled by Blockchain technology.

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Theme of The Year

Future is Distributed || Distributed is Future


From the comfort of your own place,

Date & Time

August 6th - 9th, 2020

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We need lots of help with the planning of the Village this year. If you are interested to contribute, drop us an email and we will get back.


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About Us

Blockchain Village is a 'Not for Profit' event organised as a part of Information Security conferences like DEFCON. Primary focus of Blockchain village is to promote, research, development and knowledge sharing around security of blockchains and security applications of blockchain. The village organizes hands-on workshops, contests, discussions and talks by the community members and for the community members.
The event, its members and supporters are spread across the world and we love to share the best of our research with our awesome community.


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