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All timings are for Las Vegas, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) Zone.

10:00-10:10Welcome Note
10:10-11:00Key Note – State of Blockchain Security
11:00-12:00Verifiable Delay Functions for preventing DDoS Attacks on Ethereum 2.0
12:00-13:00Security Focused Operating System Design
13:00-13:30Cryptocurrencies have superusers?
13:30-14:30Creating a decentralized storage for Kubernetes with Tardigrade and Velero
14:30-15:30Attacking and Defending Blockchain Nodes
15:30-16:00Double Spending in BSV, is it Possible?
16:00-17:00Panel Discussion
10:00-10:10Welcome Note
10:10-11:00Keynote – Twitter’s Tax Day Disaster: The Beginning (and End) of Mainstream Crypto Scams
11:00-12:00Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – ready for prime time?
12:00-13:00Securing the COSMOS: How to operate and secure a validator
13:00-14:00Blockchain for Cyber Defense: Will it be as good as you think?
14:00-14:30Identifying and fixing out-of-gas errors in smart contracts with smart fuzzing
14:30-15:30Monetary Maximalism and Millennial Finance – Building Decentralized Tooling to Empower Everyone
15:30-16:307 Phases of Smart Contract Hacking
16:30-17:00Bitcoin Bounty Hunters – Contest Briefing
10:00-10:10Welcome Note
10:10-11:00Modeling systematic threat: testing on mainnet fork
11:00-12:00Building a Microcontroller Bitcoin Address Generator
12:00-12:40Exploit insecure crypto wallet
12:40-13:00Closing Note