All timings are for Las Vegas, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) Zone.

The Schedule is subject to change due to Covid-19 Travel Restriction.

10:00-10:15Welcome Note
10:15-11:30Key Note
11:30-12:00BCoS Village Contest Overview
12:00-12:30Ransomware Tales from the Darkside
12:30 -1:00Lunch Break & Networking
1:00 - 2:00Catching (and Fixing) an Unlimited Burn Vulnerability
2:00-2:30Blockchain Security Tools
2:30-4:00Workshop – Decentralised cloud
4:00-4:30Surviving 51% Attacks on Blockchains
4:30-5:30Do You Really Own Your NFTs?
10:00-10:15Welcome Note
10:15-11:30Key Note – The Three Amigos: Money Laundering, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
11:30-12:00Triptych ZK Proving System
12:00-1:00Ethereum Hacks & How to Stop Them
1:00-1:30Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) Overview
1:30-2:00Sla(sh*t)ing happens when you stake
2:00-3:00EIP-1559 Panel
3:00-4:00Evils in the DeFi world
4:00-4:30The Wild West of DeFi Exploits
10:00-10:15Welcome Note
10:15-11:30Surviving DeFi: How to Prevent Economic Attacks
11:30-12:30Breaking Future Crypto Custody
Closing Note