Blockchain Village @ DEF CON 27, Las Vegas 2019


Reflections on Blockchain SecurityJan Gorzny
FumbleChain: A Purposefully Vulnerable BlockchainNils Amiet
Low-Hanging Fruits in Blockchain SecurityPavlo Radchuk & Serhii Okhrimenko
Securing the Unknown: A Methodology for Auditing Smart Contracts
Distributed Decentralised Security for Bitcoin WalletsAli Meer
Hacking CryptocurrenciesMark Nesbitt

Topics & The Speakers

A Deep Dive into Securing Hyperledger Fabric and ConsensusKhang Nguyen
The CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS)Ron Stoner & Michael Perklin
Secrets Worlds in Plain Web. The BlockChain DNS.Fernando Amatte
A single global public-utility blockchain & cryptosystemDerek Moore
Jump-Oriented Programming (JOP) in Smart Contract HoneypotsXiaohang Yu
Alice and Bob's Big SecretMila Paul
Hyperledger Fabric Security EssentialsLarry Suto
Crypto currency heist - the story so far ...Ryan Rubin
Bitcoin Honeypot - Wallet on floor of the InternetGordon Draper
A Smart Contract killchain. How the first Blockchain APT was caughtRod Soto & Victor Fang
Forcing a trustworthy notion of sequential time
Brian Vohaska (bvo) & Justin Drake

Mathematical Background of Blockchain CryptographySaroj
Take back control of user data with the decentralized cloudKevin Leffew
Smashing Smart Contracts: Detecting and Exploiting Vulnerabilities in EVM bytecode
 Daniel Luca, Dean Pierce, Shayan Eskandar, Gonçalo Sá & Bernhard Mueller

Capture the Coin 

Capture the Coin is a CTF competition to help promote the field of blockchain security by challenging players in the areas of cryptography, smart contract exploitation, blockchain investigations, wallet malware, and other related topics. We invite you to have some fun learning more about this field and its unique problems by solving puzzles and winning prizes!

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Privacy : Enabler or Hindrance to the Success of Blockchain based currencies

Moderator :  Diego Salazar (rehrar) a Monero Contributor 

Panelist : 

Shamiq Islam

(Head - Product & Application  Security,  Coinbase)

Stephanie A. Whited 

(Comms director at the Tor Project)

Dr. Sarang Noether 

(Monero Research Lab)

Nathan Hauk